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It was in the year of MCMXC (1990 more precisely), a handful of boys from Rua de S. Tomé decided to give up their romantic streak by starting a series of rounds through Mui Nobre, Leal and Invicta and World Heritage City of Porto. From there to the stardom were races and scares, they started to dedicate more time to their free time spent in the bar to rehearse and contributed to the wealth of the beer and wine industries, and since then they have not separated (Man does not separate what God has united ).

We are a family owned and operated business.

Today the Tuna Académica of the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto , with its long years of existence, maintains the maxim with which it was created, "HAVE YOUR SAME FUN AND ONLY AFTER OTHERS".

We are a family owned and operated business.

Sorry for selfishness but this is the attitude of a group of friends who have a number of things in common: - Students of the Glorious ISEP;

- Bohemian and good mood lovers;

- Even more lovers of women (ours and others);

- Raised in their mothers' wombs and aged in oak barrels (just like Port wine);

- E Some penchant for music (it is also important);

- Singles, uncommitted, charming and liars ...

With an official training date of May 31, 1990 , ISEP's Tuna Académica has never stopped, with its presence at festivals such as:

We are a family owned and operated business.

In the NORTH area:

* FITA Iberian Academic Tunas Festival at the Queitas das Fitas do Porto from 1991 to 2008 - Porto;

* FITUP - International Tuna Festival at Universidade Portucalense - Porto;

* FITU - International Festival of University Tunas - Porto;

* Invicta - International Tuna Festival at the Fernando Pessoa University - Porto;

* FARDAS - Nursing Tuna Festival - Porto;

* LITTERAE - Tuna Festival of the University of Letters - Porto;
* Bracara Augusta - Tuna
Festival Bracara Augusta at the Burning of Ribbons of Braga - Braga
(Lusitano Academic Tunas Competition) - Braga

* Iberian Party - Vila Real

* Tuna Festival of Queima das Fitas in Vila Real - Vila Real

* FESTILHA - Ílhavo;

* Festival of Tunas of Queima das Fitas de Aveiro - Aveiro .

* Vale de Cambra Tuna Festival - Vale de Cambra;

* CCB - Tuna Festival Camilo Castelo Branco - Vila Nova de Famalicão;

* Tuna Festival Cidade de Barcelos - Barcelos;

We are a family owned and operated business.

In the Center zone:

* FITAFF - Figueira da Foz;

* FITUIFF - Figueira da Foz;

* CIRTAV - Viseu;

* FITUCB - Castelo Branco;

* FESTUBI - Covilhã;

* Real Festa - Leiria;

We are a family owned and operated business.

In the South:

* Camonian - Lisbon;

* Estudantino - Lisbon;

* Zither - Évora;

* Pax Julia - Beja;

* FARTUNA - Faro;

* Bacchus Nights - Costa da Caparica;


* El Açor - Ponta Delgada;

* Cyclone - Third;

* ETUMa - Funchal;



* International Tuna Festival Ciudad de La Laguna - Tenerife

We are a family owned and operated business.

        Among others...

Godfather and Godchildren:

We have as our Godparents always friends, above all, the Tuna of the Catholic University of Porto and as godchildren the Academic Tuna of the University of Portugal , the Female Tuna of Fernando Pessoa and the Female Tuna of the Higher School of Education.

We are a family owned and operated business.

In 1992, ISEP's Tuna made its first magnetic record, editing its first cassette of which it sold around 2000 copies. That same year, he made his first tour abroad, traveling to the United States of America , at the invitation of the Portuguese community in Newark , with several performances at Portuguese, American parties, and on local television, staying in the USA for about a month. Canada too . The second magnetic record dates from 1994 when Tuna edited its second cassette from which it sold about 1500 units. Also in that year, Tuna made its second tour to the USA , again at the invitation of the Portuguese community in Newark , where it stayed a month and traveled all the states to Florida.

The third trip across borders was in 1997 with the trip to Brazil, warm and hospitable land (even the police women are friendly), where we were invited by the house of Portugal in Brazil , to celebrate Portugal Day. In these celebrations, we performed live for the international RTP program which was followed by several countries.

October 98 we went to the United States for the 3rd time, where we performed at parties in Portuguese communities including on television and where due to Hurricane Mitch, we are unable to travel to Florida.

The following year, in 1999 , with the edition and sale of our 1st CD "The Best of Tuna from ISEP" , the tuna found itself in the Tops of sales of several countries (2nd in Suriname, 3rd in Thailand and 4th in Bath. ..) This CD contains what we thought were some of our best songs.

In addition to the stage and the recording studio, our Tuna has already had four participations in television programs (At ten; Praça da Alegria) and more recently live on radio antena 3 in the morning program promoting Queima das Fitas.

In September 2001 we were determined to make a new return to the land of Uncle Sam (USA) but, thank God, a new destination came to us ... a tour of Europe! So, due to the irony of fate, we did not personally witness the Twin Towers collapsing ... We then passed through cities such as Porto, Valongo , .. Paços de Ferreira, Vila Real, Bragança, ..., Bordeaux, Paris (everything but woman from ...), Amsterdam (inches), Luxembourg (where we heard the collapse of the Twin Towers live on the radio), Geneva, Lausanne (X + barra barra), Turin (Italy), Monaco, Barcelona, Madrid, Amarante , etc ... In this tour of Europe we visited the Portuguese communities and even, due to our danger, we slept in a "Bunker", because in time of war it was necessary to keep the most important.

In September 2002 we went on a tour to Canada , namely to the Portuguese Community of Toronto and subsequently to Montreal , where we performed numerous performances in the various Portuguese associations and also at Nathan Philips Square at the invitation of the City of Toronto . To end the year in beauty, in December, we had the honor of going to taste the poncha at our pearl in the Atlantic, Madeira island , where we participated in the Funchal Tunas Meeting, at the invitation of TuMa, Tuna Universitária da Madeira.

In the 12th month of 2003 , we returned once again to the famous archipelago of Madeira where we witnessed the excellent football game between Marítimo-FCP We returned to participate in the Funchal Tunas Meeting, at the invitation of TuMa and repeated the doubles of the late poncha on another side of the island that left us in a very ... witty state !!!

In 2004 we released a new CD "Tradition is still what it was" in which we fit new and original songs and improvements to the most requested. In September and October we made our return to Switzerland, also walking through Austria , joining Portuguese and similar communities to remember our most bohemian and fun spirit ...

2005 was the year of our 1st trip to S. Miguel - Açores , at the invitation of the Tunids , to participate in the grand VI festival El Açor. We were able to enjoy the best landscapes of national nature, as well as the generous kindness of the natives who met there.

In 2006 we made two tours to two islands, one again to S. Miguel - Açores , for the fabulous VII El Açor where we acquired the tactics of "right hand is penalty" and "little egg is penalty". The other trip was for the unforgettable I Certamen Internacional de Tunas Ciudad de La Laguna - Tenerife, thus inaugurating that beautiful Canary Island that will leave us eternally longing for the new brothers as well as the beautiful Playa de Las Amercias where in 3 hours we tanned red!

In February / March 2007 we traveled to France where we left our autograph and music by the elevators of the Torre Eifell. Then we went to Béligica , more specifically to Brussels , at the invitation of the European Parliament, where they treated us very well as real Members. Afterwards we went to Holland where we were very well received by the Portuguese Association of Amsterdam, which makes us miss the true Dutch copophonies ...

After these "arduous" activities , as we are never doing well in the same place, we are collecting invitations to plan a new course abroad, whose destinations are under study. Apart from that, we will continue to walk the streets of our city , and not only, serenading the Maidens illuminated by the Moon (or by street lamps).

Let us hope that this will continue for many good years, AMEN.

We are a family owned and operated business.

With the most cordial academic greetings,

ISEP Academic Tuna

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