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It was on the 14th of May 2010 that another edition of the Festival organized by TAISEP - XVII FITISEP began, having started with a night of serenades that took place at Cais de Gaia and whose party continued to the living room of the aeISEP for long hours.

On May 15, 2010 there was lunch, various activities and dinner, all always in the heart of the city Invicta, downtown Porto.

At 9:15 pm and with the public caught off guard by the "keeping to the schedules", the curtain of the Porto Coliseum opened to the ISEP Female Tuna that interpreted "Casa Portuguesa" with the entrance of tambourines, followed by "Nossa Serenata" with a soloist and finishing his animated "Hoy".

The 1st Tuna in the contest moved from Figueira da Foz, the Imperial Neptuna Académica. They started with the original "Broncos by the mountain gandarez" with a good flag game, "I'm beyond"; its Instrumental theme accompanied by another set of Flags; for soloist the theme of the Clans: "Problems of expression" and ended with his "Mix Figueirense" with a show of tambourines and flags.

Then, coming from Guimarães, Afonsina entered the stage of the Coliseum with its Super Tuno rábula. They performed "A Lenda da Fonte" with emphasis on the flags show; the theme "Há Dias" with the soloist pulling on the gallons, followed by his Instrumental theme with another set of flags; "Siga a Marinha" with a brief visit to "Chico Fininho" brought a lot of joy and another show of flags and tambourines and ended the performance with his hymn "Afonsina".

Again with Tunas from outside Porto, the Copituna d'Oppidana - Tuna Académica da Guarda took the stage with some medleys that included "A Morte Saiu a Rua", "Playback" with flags and tambourines; then "O Barco vai de Output" with a soloist and the theme "Entrudo", moving immediately to the Instrumental with performance of tambourines, flag and banner. Finally, another interpretation for soloist, this time with the theme "Senhora do Mar" and its characteristic FRA.

Tuna Académica da Universidade Portucalense appeared on stage from the city of Invicta, which began with their instrumental "The Typewritter", followed by the serenade "Moçoila" with the soloist and "A Balada da Rita" by Sérgio Godinho. "Cavalo a Solta" with a new installment by its soloist and the popular theme "Rouca vai a Campaínha" with banner and tambourines ended their performance.

To finish the Tunas, the contest came to Tuna Académica de Enfermagem do Porto, which interpreted "Trovador", an original theme and with a show of flags; as instrumental theme "Hungarian Dance"; "Catraia do Porto" with another show of flags, banner and tambourine show. "De Mais Nobody" as a soloist theme and with another installment of his banner and ended with yet another original theme "Self-care" with yet another performance by tambourines and banner.

While the jury deliberated, TAISEP entered the stage, accompanied by ATITUNA for the theme "Razon de Vivir". Then and only with engineers on stage they interpreted the original "Mulher Tripeira" with tambourines and a banner pulling the audience, then and with input from several old elements of TAISEP they interpreted the theme "Black Mother" with the soloist shining; "Você Sabem Lá" with a soloist and good voice play preceded the last song before the "Porto Vinho e Lugar" awards, another original that made the audience vibrate.

The XVII FITISEP Awards include:

Best Soloist - Tuna Académica da Universidade Portucalense
Best Musical Interpretation - Copituna d'Oppidana
Best Tambourine - Afonsina
Best Flag - Afonsina
Best Banner - Tuna Académica da Universidade Portucalense
Best Serenade - Copituna d'Oppidana
Tuna plus Tuna - Afonsina
3rd Best Tuna - Copituna d'Oppidana
2nd Best Tuna - Imperial Neptuna Académica da Figueira da Foz
Best Tuna - Afonsina

After the prize giving, the show ended with "Student Loves".
The party went on again to the aeISEP social room for long hours and lots of entertainment.

To the next!

Text taken and adapted from PortugalTunas!

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