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9 and 10 March 2018 - Teatro Sá da Bandeira - 9:00 pm

TAISEP in partnership with the ISEP Student Association is proud to present the 24th Edition of FITISEP - International Tuna Festival of the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto.


The contest:

- Porto Medical Tuna (TMP);

- IPCA Academic Tuna (TAIPCA);

- Porto Health Technology Tuna (TS);

- Santa Maria School of Health (TESSSM);

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Tuna Extra Contest


Foto da Despedida .jpg


- Best Tuna Award: TMP;

- Best Pandeireta Award: TS;

- Best Instrumental Award: TMP;

- Best Soloist Award: TESSSM;

- Best Flag Award: TS;

- Best Musical Performance Award: TAIPCA;

- Tuna Mais Tuna Award: TAIPCA;
- 2nd Best Tuna: TESSSM.

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